Hello everyone!

I posted this picture because when everytime I look at it, I feel a special energy, that’s my learning English experience here.

The idea of studying by stations applied to students foreing language in English  of National University of Colombia is nice and usefull. I think you can see yourself  how much you know about your second language which is learning right now.  Besides, you must improve your performance everyday if you want to be an excellent student and a great professional


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For academic purposes I won’t erase any previous writing, but I will correct it below…

The idea of studying English doing different activities in different stations (it’s applied in English program of Universidad Nacional de Colombia to EFL -English as a Foreing Language- studets) like RADIO SHOWS, PODCASTS, MUSIC, READING, ROLE-PLAY and SHORT ORAL PRESENTATIONS. All the time you have a great and interesting challenge in order to conquer (because you must overcome your own limitations) in every class activities. In every class activity you can learn more and more vocabulary and ways to use it in different contexts where you need to express your own opinions.In every station you are learning from your teachers, at the same time you are also learning for your own classmates.Consenquently, we are’t attending to a Course ‘of‘ English, but an English Program ‘in‘ English.